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Broadway World – Color Collective Write Up

Absolutely THRILLED to post that my pilot “Side Family” that I co-wrote with Katie Nathan will be getting a staged reading at UCB Theatre Los Angeles. This is the first pilot that I have written and I couldn’t be more pleased. 

Color Collective at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival  has a SIX SHOW run on the OMR (Oh! My Ribs) stage at the Complex Theatre starting on June 6th at 8:30pm. Dates and times vary. Get your tickets here

The Color Collective is a comedy variety show featuring diversity and inclusion in everything from music and dance to stand-up and sketch comedy. Winners of a 2018 Encore Award and a 2018 Audience Choice Award from Better Lemons, The Color Collective strives to make the audience laugh and see past our color or gender and to be sure that the point of view of minorities and women are always heard.

March 22nd and 23rd I have the honor of being a couple characters in a conspiracy musical about Jennifer Lopez and Selena. It’s a wild ride and I am thrilled to be a part of it. Come watch Bidi Bidi open for Color Collective and come back after intermission cause I’ve got a sketch in this month’s show!

My improv group Parker Posey has a show at UCB Sunset at 10:30pm on March 15th. Come celebrate diversity, inclusion and Women’s History Month with our character and improv show Ask Her Anything.

A short film that I wrote, produced, directed and perform in called pregNancies is currently doing very well around LA playing in screenings and shows since February. Very proud!

On a routine trip to the fertility clinic, a pair of Nancies give birth to the unexpected.

Amazon Fire TV Cube commercial is airing now! Gotta love a gig that lets you embrace funny facial expressions.

Check out the blonde TSA agent. She’s a boss bitch. And she happens to be voiced by me! Always a pleasure working with the team at AOK.

On Saturday, October 20th at 9pm I am happy to share that I will be the lead in a pilot written by Darlene Hunt (The Big C, Good Girls Revolt, & Roseanne). Only at the Pack Theater.

New video from AOK – Caillou is back for the second time and this time he has a DATE! I voice the Narrator.

It is my pleasure to announce that I have been added to the cast of Detention, a main stage house sketch team, at the Pack Theater.  I’ll make my debut on Sunday, November 11th at 8pm.

My first episode of Frequency Earth dropped today and I am thrilled to announce I voice two characters in the “transmission” portion of this show. Listen for me as the Manager in “Big Mistake” and in “Doctor Strange” as Black Widow.

G. Maximilian Zarou, Nicola Clarke, Nick Mandernach and Rob Schultz as Sheldon.

And Featuring:
Matt Besser, Diana Wright, Lucia Fasano, Jillian Dunn, Rama Vallury, Jarrett Lennon Kaufman, Jeremy Paul, David Kline, Kyle McCormick, Sasha Huff, Russell Anderson, and Tim Greer.

Frequency Earth Season 1 Episode 9

Friday, September 14th I have the honor of hosting my own late night show at the Pack Theater with special guest Kathryn Renée Thomas from the show Teachers on TVLand. Tickets are Pay What You Can and this show WILL sell out! Fingers crossed for SRO!

Keeping the VO work going with another new AOK parody. I voice the Narrator in Caillou the Grownup. More episodes in this series to come!

New Video from AOK dropped today! Check out that Hot Cop with the red hair. She’s… too HOT.

UCB has renewed Parker Posey Party and Side Coach for another six months! This marks three years of my improv casts Parker Posey and Gefilte Phish hosting and performing monthly shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Parker Posey Party – 4th Wednesdays 7pm

Side Coach – 4th Wednesdays 8:30pm

Brandon Beck asked me to be on his podcast where he talks to people about their guilty pleasures. We talked about one of my favorite things – jam music and the community it has created. Have a listen!

I Think You’d Be Into It

The Color Collective EXTENDED for the Hollywood Fringe Festival

I am thrilled to announce that The Color Collective show I am in has been given an Encore Producers’ Award and will be extended for two dates in July.

Come see me perform with The Color Collective on 7/6 at the Complex Theatre on Santa Monica Blvd.

The Color Collective at Hollywood Fringe has officially opened!!! And the reviews have started rolling in…

“The world seems a little bit brighter at The Complex Hollywood. The Color Collective is a vibrant, scrappy, rough-around-the-edges variety hour of comedy. Comprised of a diverse group of energetic, lively young performers, the show is fresh and clever, featuring strong voices and plenty of room for laughs.” – Dana Martin, Stage Raw 

click here for full Stage Raw review

Catch Jillian performing with the Color Collective at The Hollywood Fringe Festival

The Color Collective at Hollywood Fringe

June 7-24th at the Oh, My Ribs Theatre on Santa Monica Blvd

Currently I have two National Commercials airing across the country. The first as a dolly moved Gardner for Kings Hawaiian Bread and the second as a Chewbacca dressed Mom for General Mills and Solo a Star Wars Story.


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